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Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Today is actively conduced a work on formation of the effective transport-logistic country. For this reason, large scale modernization of transport infrastructure within the frame of «Nurly Zhol» State program of infrastructure development for 2015-2019 years, which allows to increase cargo turnover 1,6 times and transit cargo transportation volume two times to 2020.

In general realization of 15 infrastructure projects of transport sphere foreseen by the state program, of which:

11 projects of auto roads sphere,

3 projects in the sphere of railway transport and

1 project in the sphere of civil aviation.

Generally, realization of all projects conducted in accordance with schedule.

Speaking about infrastructure projects of auto roads sphere it is necessary to note, that in general to the 2020 7 will be reconstructed and constructed with total amount 2,4 tln. tenge, 1 tln. tenge of which are loans of international finance institutes.

In the frame of «Nurly Zhol» program on all auto roads projects, including related sectors, near 200 ths. people will be attracted.

At present time realization of West Europe-West China project is continued, realization of «Central-South» (Astana - Almaty) auto roads project, «Central-East» (Astana – Ust-Kamenogorsk), «Central-West» (Astana – Aktobe – Atyrau - Aktau), Almaty – Ust-Kamenogorsk, Karaganda – Zhezkazgan – Kyzylorda and Atyrau-Astrakhan are began.

In 2015 for realization of the abovementioned projects had set aside 269,3 bln.tenge, including 178 bln.tenge from the NF. As to June 1, 2015 utilized 85,4 bln.tenge (including 44 bln.tenge from the NF) or 32%.

For the present day on these projects involved 33 contracted organization and 64 subcontracted organizations, 27 ths. working places are created and more than 5 ths. units of road-construction techniques are involved.

The most largest project in auto roads sphere is 2787 km long transcontinental automobile corridor «West Europe – West China».

During realization period 2009-2014 years the movement from border of the Russian Federation to Shymkent city, length - 1884 km, by Aktobe, Kyzylorda and South-Kazakhstan regions.

Works on 569th km of Tashkent-Shymkent-Zhambyl region border, Taraz city and Almaty-Khorgos by-paths are in progress.

By results of 2015 is planning to open 183 km long movement of Shymkent-Taraz section, including Taraz city by-path. Full completion of works on Shymkent-Tashkent and Almaty-Khorgos sections is planned in 2016 and the movement y transit corridor will be fully opened.

The following «Central-South» (Astana-Almaty) 1282 km long project.

At the moment the works on Astana-Temirtau (159 km) and Almaty-Kapshagai (94 km) sections are in progress, on given sections 40 km of cement concrete pavement is organized.

By the results of 2015 is planning to open the movement for 72 km (Astana-Temirtau – 10 km, Almaty-Kapshagai – 62 km) with full completion of given sections in 2016.

Financing of reconstruction works of Karaganda-Balkhash-Burylbaital-Kurty section is planned at World Bank and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development expenses (in May 2015 by Burylbaital-Kurty section design of technical economical grounds is started and tender on design of technical economical grounds of Karaganda-Balkhash-Burylbaital).

Until the end of 2015 is planning to sign an agreement of loans, after what the tender was announced. The begin of construction works is planned in April 2016 with completion in 2019.

The third project is «Central-East» (Astana-Ust-Kamenogorsk), realized in 2013 and 1018 km long.

General cost is 431 bln.tenge. In 2015 for project realization assigned 85,9 bln.tenge (NF – 77 bln.tenge, RB – 8,9 bln.tenge)

Works on Astana-Pavlodar-Semey 509 km long section are in progress. By the results of 2015 is planning to open the movement for 100 km: Astana-Pavlodar (47 km) and Pavlodar-Semey (53 km).

At sections Pavlodar-Semey-Kalabatau and Kalbatau-Ust-Kamenogorsk development of project estimate documentation for 404 km. is in progress. Works on given sections is planning to be started in 2016.

By «Central-West» (Astana-Aktobe-Atyrau-Astrakhan) project the works on Beineu-Aktau 470 long section are in progress, where in 2014 the movement for 200 km is opened. Total length of corridor is 2720 km.

In 2015 for realization of project 19,5 bln.tenge was assigned (NF – 3 bln.tenge, loan/RB – 16,5 bln.tenge) The works for 270 km is continued on Beineu-Aktau section.

Project cost is 540 bln.tenge. At the present time for attraction of international finance investments loans for Astana-Karabutak (844 km), Aktobe-Makat (459 km) and Atyrau-Astrakhan (277 km) sections development of technical economic documentation is conducted. Ingeneral, to the year-end 2015 is planning to sign a loan contract.

The beginning of construction works is planned in April 2016 with completion in 2019.

By Almaty-Ust-Kamenogorsk project the length is 851 km.

General cost is 243 bln.tenge. In 2015 assigned almost 22,3 bln.tenge (NF – 16,2 bln.tenge, RB – 6,1 bln.tenge). Realization of project carried out from 2013.

For today the construction works are in progress on Kapshagai-Taldykorgan section with Sarkand city 157 long by-path. By the results of 2015 is planning to complete the works for 84 km. the rest 73 km will be completed in 2016.

By automobile roads Astana-Petropavlsk the works are in progress on 106 km of Kokshetau-Petropavlovsk section by North-Kazakhstan region. Also reconstruction of Petropavlovsk city 11 km long by-path is started.

By results of the year is planning to put in commission 55 km in 2016.

In 2015 assigned 14,3 bln.tenge (NF - 13,8 bln.tenge, RB – 0,7 bln.tenge).

By Uralsk-Kamenka project an agreement was signed and mobilization works were started.

In 2015 3 bln.tenge was assigned from the National Fund. Due to allocated funds 100 km of reconstruction 100 km will be penetrated.

In general realization of auto roads projects is conducted in accordance with schedule.

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Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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